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Tsunami Intro

Let's discover Tsunami in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started​

A nice video introduction on Tsunami works is available on YouTube.

For more in-depth explanation refer to Whitepaper or continue reading this docs.


Tsunami Exchange is the first Perpetual Futures Exchange on Waves Blockchain. It allows trading on perpetual futures markets with leverage of up to a factor of 10. Tsunami allows trading futures on Crypto, NFT's and Commodities (Oil, Gold, Gas e.t.c) By running on Waves blockchain, it facilitates fast transaction and low transaction fees.

Perpetual Futures​

Futures are derivatives, meaning that they are not the real assetβ€”they just follow the price of an asset. Traditional futures have an expiry date, and the price of a future will move closer to the actual price of the underlying asset as that date draws near.

Perpetual futures do not have an expiry date, making them very convenient if you want to keep holding the asset without having to think about expiry.

Future contracts allow traders to speculate on the price movement of an underlying asset without actual ownership of the underlying asset, by buying (long) or selling (short) the contract.


This document is a work in progress. Team tries to keep this document current with the latest developments. Due to the iterative nature of our development process, some implementations might differ from what is mentioned in this document. If you have identified any such issue, please report it to our Telegram Group.