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As a crypto enthusiasts and investors, we highly appreciate fairness and transparency during token offerings. In line with our values, we’re offering TSN tokens under a ‘Fair Launch’ model. Fair launch means that any participants may participate in the even on equal terms. Tsunami have not attracted any VC capital and had no private round prior to ILO phase.

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) - is a new fundraising mechanism through which many projects and startups raise funds by selling tokens on the DeFi based Decentralized Exchanges (DEX’s). During ILO, team will stake own capital to provide initial liquidity to DEX (Puzzle Swap) to bootstrap liquidity. All tokens will immediately be put to circulation, reducing the possibility of price manipulations by large holders.

To put things simply, we will create trading pair (liquidity pool) on Puzzle Swap, provide 65% of TSN total supply to liquidity pool, along with enough USDN to make TSN price on exchange 0.2 USDN.

After this process, everyone will have a chance to buy TSN at minimum price - no external manipulation is allowed. Of course, as per AMM formula - the more tokens get bought, the higher the price - so be quick and try to jump in as soon as possible! You may also sell your tokens as soon as you wish, all tokens are immediately fully liquid.