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TSN follows a non-inflationary token model, where an initial supply of TSN tokens are $TSN 1,000,000 and new tokens can not be issued.

TSN tokens are distributed in the following way:

  1. 20% - Team, all tokens are gradually unlocked over 24 months, with a cliff period of 6 months. This makes sure that the team can not create sell pressure on token price.
  2. 10% - Marketing Fund - Used to run reward campaigns such as rewards to traders of certain tokens, or grant programs for external developer. Note, that the current airdrop for testnet participation will be paid from this fund.
  3. 5% - Advisors
  4. 65% - Liquidity (distributed via an ILO process on Puzzle Swap

Initial liquidity is supplied to Puzzle.Swap with an initial token price of $0.2 per token, giving Tsunami a very conservative initial estimate of $200,000.