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Increasing Position

In the same way as decreasing a position is technically very much akin to closing one, to increase a position effectively means opening it for the same size. However, there's an impact to the position facets highlighted below:

Position facets

Namely, the affected values are:

  • margin

  • net funding

  • Unrealized P&L

You hold 45.56 Waves with 14.1485 USDN of accumulated profit, about 2 USDN due to be payed as funding and your margin is 528.72 USDN. Assumingly, it's going to be a 100 USDN increase:

The impact takes the following form:

Increased position

First off, the value that have stayed unchanged after the increase is the P&L: the position increase has had absolutely no impact on it yet. Still, there can be one as the asset price changes up or down. Be aware of net funding too.

The net funding has been reset to zero, with the 2.17 USDN to be settled taken from 99 USDN allocated to the position. The resulting 96.8239 USDN has been added to the margin of 528.72 thus increasing it up to 625.54 USDN.