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Farming Tokens

Another approach to TSN staking is to start staking and let your daily reward go get you more TSN to increase your staking balance. Let's see how it works.

In short, farming is for TSN optimists. If you are the one, you might be likely to expect TSN value to grow and thus need an easy way to buy TSN tokens. The overall purpose of farming TSN on Tsunami is to spare you time and effort purchasing TSN and, importantly, commission for each transaction involved in the process. Once you have staked TSN using your Farming balance, your only concern is going to be about your reward amount to keep boosting. Once you have your daily reward in USDN, it gets swapped for TSN and this TSN value is added up to your farming amount. No need to lift a finger and pay transaction fee ever.

Going on, there's a difference between the yield you have as a staker and, let's say, the crop you grow as a farmer. The basic factor generating your staking profit is APR. This rate doesn't change because the undelying amount doesn't. You simply receive the staked amount plus the percentage of this amount. If you stake 100 TSN and the ARY is 24%, you have 124% TSN back and that's it. Now, when you go farming, the compound percent enters the game. As soon as your daily reward adds up to the staked TSN, this amount increases and so does the profit it generates.