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Staking TSN

Each of the 24 hours round the clock stashes away half of the whole amount of the fees for you to profit from your TSN coins. Let's find out how to tap into this steady inflow.

For a start, here's an equation:

APY=TotalFees224365TokenIndexPriceStakedTokensAPY = \frac{TotalFees}{2} * 24 * 365 * \frac{TokenIndexPrice}{StakedTokens}

The APY is the annual interest you can earn by providing your tokens to the protocol. Technically, staking on Tsunami involves no risks because one can withdraw staked tokens on demand at any point, whenever you happen to want to do so. We, therefore, can view staking on Tsunami as a bonus to traders owning the token. It comes free, the APY you can earn - you merely keep holding your tokens and can expect them generate some interest in USDN with no efforts on your part. Now it's time for details.

Give Me Tokens

Easy. The reward system never stops: just go on trading and pick what's yours. (More on rewards see in Earning Tokens.). You might also want to go shopping at Puzzle Swap; for convenience, there's a Buy TSN button on the Stake tab:

See it grow

So, a half of transaction fees allows for a staker's revenue. How much of that will you actually have in terms of APY? Or, rather, where does the APY come from? If you take a look at the example below:

you will see see the following rates:

  • per hour: the initial amount of profit of half the total fees value available to the stakers each hour. In the equation this value is expressed as
  • per month: the profit accumulated within 24 hours multiplied by 30:
  • per year: that's an easy one:



Once you have hit Stake, the above arithmetics immediately starts increasing your TSN revenue. As soon as you feel like withdrawing it, press Claim.