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Refering Friends

If you have been happy about trading at Tsunami, it would be nice to share your experience. The referral program at Tsunami works in such a way that to encourage others to trade is quite profitable. Let's see how it works.

The whole concept is this: share and have returns. Here's a link to Tsunami exchange you can copy and send out: Once the user registeres at Tsunami and has opened, say, a short position, or, in fact, gets engaged in any transaction involving a fee, you are to receive 20% of that fee. To be more precise, the fee doesn't come straight to you in its initial USDN form but gets swapped for TSN at PuzzleSwap If you open the Referral tab, you will find the link to copy and share along with the following details:

Commission rateThe percentage of each transaction fee you are receiving
ReferralsThe size of the group of those who followed your advice and the link
Total revenueThe overall amount of the dividend generated out of the fees paid by the traders you inspired
Current revenueThe amount you can claim right now

Sharing is caring - and makes profit too. Good luck.