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Excelling at Trading

You're getting noticed

You can tell you are if you spot your nickname and avatar when you scroll down or, preferably, up the Top Traders area on the Trade tab:

Top Traders

Let's see how it all works.

A top trader is one of three traders that has been enjoying the highest P&L within a given period, a month or a week. Therefore, you can even be nominated twice, if you trade wisely and in good volumes, so that on closing, or increasing your P&L gets a boost. If you select a cup on the top right, you will see the rewards awaiting the trading champions with respect to the profit gained for a certain traiding pair. You either get an amount of TSN, or an NFT worth some part of the commision for a transaction.

Receiving Prize

On the Tournaments tab you can claim your NFT or TSN prizes and compare your success to that of other winners:

Claiming Prizes

Once you press Claim and sign the required transaction, your bounty appears at your wallet. While NFT gets you a transaction comission fee discount, you can render TSN assets into extra income source by way of staking or farming.